Detoxing for Drug Tests

By | July 29, 2018

Your body experiences a detoxification process which cleanses blood and urine naturally over time. Since THC is stored in your fat cells, your body can be free from marijuana by abstaining from use, drinking too much water, diet or working out. Natural cleaning is done by taking actual diet and doing more exercises.

Some detoxification drinks flush drugs from your body the same day you take them keeping you free for a time frame of 4 to six hours.

Drug testing home kits

Drug testing home kits are used test whether your teen or a family member is on drugs. Nowadays parents have their drug testing tools at their disposal to stop teens from taking drugs and alcohol and to achieve in providing safety and privacy of their own children. The provision of this cheap in price, efficient, easy and accurate drug testing kits has enabled parents to stop drug abuse in the family by performing a random drug test direct from home.

Benefits of drug testing at the workplace

As we mentioned earlier, drug and alcohol abuse is a major concern for a lot of employers in I USA. Several statistics indicate that it is very crucial to eliminate drug abusing employees to achieve better productivity. The following are most of the reasons why we should conduct mandatory drug testing techniques at the workplace.

Provides a safe and healthy environment

Drug abusing employees are the most affected subjects in accidents. Drug abuse causes short-term memory and impairs thinking of an individual. This will affect not only themselves but also their co-workers. This drug abusing employers are violent and luck cooperation. An employer should conduct drug tests in order to enhance a healthy and safe working environment.

Develops organizational efficiency

Drug testing helps in eliminating drug abusers in the working environment, producing effecting teamwork focusing on work only.


The most foolproof method on how to pass a drug test is by not taking drugs. Of course, you probably wouldn’t be here if you didn’t smoke some marijuana.

It applies to the rest of us. There is a simple way to pass a drug test that most of us assume. Avoid using drugs for a week before the test. It is evident that 70% of companies in America perform a drug testing process for their employees and research shows that ¾ of every four illegal drug addicts in the United States are employed and companies are incurring a huge loss in productivity due to this drug usage.

Some companies that require safeties of the high level like transportation companies exercise a random drug testing for their employees. AMA research shows that 52.5% of companies perform a drug testing routines to appoint applicant.

Swindling a test in some countries is a crime. So it’s important to know your local laws before trying out some tricks on how to pass a drug test.

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