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By | August 1, 2018

How to easily pass a saliva test   

Unlike urine which can be diluted with water, saliva can as well as be diluted by delaying it in the mouth. It is proved that some drugs cannot be found in the body after some hours especially with blood or saliva tests. In this manner, one can by in time and test for drug later.

Regardless of the drug that one has consumed, delays to go for the test can improve the outcome as the drug concentration reduces with time through the homeostasis process. In some situations where you cannot delay the test, you can cheek swab the saliva before you produce it for the test. The first thing you should do is look at how to pass a saliva drug test with mouthwash. This is often done by rubbing it between your gum and lower cheek and against the teeth. Even though this may not guarantee you the desired outcomes, it is worth the try since rubbing the saliva between your gum and lower cheek dilutes the saliva by reducing the concentration of the enzyme and increasing the number of fluids in your saliva.   

How to easily pass a blood or hair test 

As well as know, it quite impossible to manipulate the result for blood and hair test but the following techniques can improve the results.

Shave often  

As earlier mentioned, the hair takes up to two weeks before they grow up to a size they can be tested. On a regular basis, you can try to get rid of your earlier grown hair so that when a new one grows, they can be tested. Probably, if the hair is long enough, one can tell that you had been using the drug sometimes back, but you have recently restrained yourself from using it. It’s interesting to see that THC can be detected in your body, but if you buy the best THC detox from GNC, you will help your chances to pass. By virtue that someone has shaved, it gives him/her the privilege of not presenting hair that had grown while he/she was still using the drugs. When one shave, he or she also gives more room for hair to grow a little faster. Even though few people have got away with this trick, it is worth knowing that hair tests are sensitive just like a blood test which cannot be easily altered.

Find a way of restraining from using the drug 

Drugs are additive in nature, and it’s really hard for its users to restrain from using it with immediate effects. Suppose one is an addict of a particular drug, it might be cumbersome to restraining from using it with immediate effects. In the past, some drug addicts have tried to restrain themselves from using the drugs they addicted to, but very few have managed. Some end up being sick or losing their lives due to withdrawal effects. Such victims should be advised to stop using the drugs slowly and not immediately. One may not necessarily pass the drug test especially if it is to be conducted soonest. Therefore, it’s better to fail the test and not lose their lives.

Request for another test 

We all have privileges in our places of work, and if someone is good at something, he or she may be warned. Having failed the first test, one can always bleed with their employers to give them another chance to test. Based on the privileges and performance of employees he or she may just be warned after failing a test but book for another test later. This can only be done if there is some local arrangement between the employer and the employee especially if he or she proves to be offering satisfactory services with less complaining. Otherwise, some employers may take advantage of this opportunity and fire you, but if the management is understanding, you can be warned and be requested to take more tests in the future. Thus, one should always try to request for another test other than just accepting the results as they come from the laboratory.   

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